☆.。.:* Sketchy Book .。.:*☆

This is a lot of the finished free draws I do, concept sketches for the free draws, and everything art related in between! <3

Latest Sketchbook (2020,2021, ...) ☆

This is basically my current sketchbook, but in Lisa's World

Latest Sketchbook (2020,2021, ...) ☆


sketch book cover 2021.jpg

Latest Sketchbook (2020,2021, ...) ☆

First Drawing: Rappy

This was my first drawing, a PSO2 rappy. I like it, sadly I did not put a date on it though. I probably did it around June though since I started the sketch book on June 26, 2020.


rappy completed.jpg

Latest Sketchbook (2020,2021, ...) ☆

Second Drawing: More PSO2 stuff

This is a drawing I did of Theodor and Ulku from PSO2. When I did this one, I really, really loved it! And I dated it this time (8-2-2020!). I still remember when I did this one any I would shove it in everyone's face like "LOOK AT IT IT IS SO GREAT AND BEUTIFUL AND IT'S SO COOL DON'T YOU AGREE?". And yes, Ulku was going to have a hand but then I decided her hand will be in a pocket cause drawing hands scares me (classic noob maneuver). Also, looking back on Theodor's hand I feel like I have gotten better at hands like that, A LOT better. But there's also room for improvement!