Fifteenth Drawing: DOS2 Squad

Here are the DOS2 (aka Divinity Original Sin 2) characters as a drawing in my sketchbook! I really like this one, I love how full the page is. Basically my dad, sister, and me all play the game together so I drew our characters. Basically from left to right you first have Lisa The Elf (yes I named her Lisa, and I tried making her look like a elf version of me but that kind of failed so now she's just a elf with my name), Stabby Chick (she's the one with the orange hair and she's insane. She is also my little sister's character), Ifan-Ben-Mezd (he is just a story npc, but I get to play as him because I'm cool like that), And Baby (Baby is a dwarf and he is my dad's character). And, I think that's a wrap!


dos2 squad completed.jpg