They're Space Dandy Sketches, Baby!

(I may or may not have felt the need to title this page as if it was a episode of Space Dandy, nope) Anyways, I did these sketches AND THEY ARE GREAT! I love them so much!, I love Dandy's pose and the detail and jfdjhkdkjhdjhziugu (that's keyboard head slam for omgIloveititissogreat). You'll probably see these sketches later turned into official sketchbook artwork too, I just drew then as quick sketches because I was scared I would create a zombie Dandy unintentional monster in my sketchbook. I have been re-watching the show with my dad, so as usual felt the need to draw it lol. And no, Dandy's hand is not in his pocket because I was lazy, I just found a reference image with a pose like that and thought it was good (and ether way I get to cheat out of drawing hands)


dandy sketch completed.jpg

(Space Dandy sketch)



meow sketch completed.jpg

(Meow sketch [he's not a cat])



qt sketch completed.jpg

(Q.T sketch)