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Third Page(s) MORE PSO2 STUFF

Okay, I doubt anyone wants to look at 4 more pages of PSO2 characters so I will post a good chunk of them here (this is why it is third page(s)). Basically I will still comment on them, just in order. So for example if I comment on drawing one, it would be at the top of drawing one. Get it? You better get it! Please get it. 


Drawing One: This is Zeno and Echo (from you guessed it, PSO2)! This drawing pretty good, my red colored pencil was tint after this one though (spoiler: I also used a lot of red on my next drawing too) I ALSO PUT A DATE ON THE DRAWING (woo)! I also remember my uncle kept asking me "Who are they? Did you draw me?" and I was like "They look like someone you know?" and "I don't think you look like that" They're great though. I also liked the highlights on Echo's hair. Emily also said Zeno was too skinny, but I was scared if I tried to make him look muscular he would look too wide XD. I've gotten better at proportions though (yay)!

zeno and echo completed.jpg



Drawing Two: This is the character I made in PSO2, Princess Pointy (spoiler: there will be a lot more of her to come). I like this drawing of her, it's not my favorite though. Even when I made it I was not over the moon about it. Also, I have noticed that putting dates on my artwork is actually not something I was terrible at remembering to do. Anyways, I did this drawing when I was still new to the game, so as time went by I felt like I needed to do more.

princess pointy old completed.jpg


Drawing Three: This is Quna from PSO2 (I mean this is all PSO2 so I don't think it's crazy she also comes from the same world). I do like this one, the colors are super pretty and the hair is nice. Also I feel like the hand skills have improved (slightly). I don't have too much to say about it too though.

quna completed.jpg


Drawing Four: Ah yes, four the only number I can count to. Anyways, you know where it comes from, and her name is ??? (Her name is a spoiler in the game lore, and I'm not a butthead so I won't spoil it). Anyways, this one is also good. Hand is pretty nice, and I loooovvvveeee the shoes! Out of everything in this drawing, the shoes are my fave!

quna 2 completed.jpg