Twentieth Drawing: Zenos!

This is a drawing of Zeno from PSO2. Now if you have seen the page in Sketchy book called "Third Page(s) MORE PSO2 STUFF", You would know I did a drawing that had Zeno in it. And compared to this one boy, I think I have improved a lot. So on this page, I will discuss/ critique my new Zeno drawing, then compare the two.


Zeno completed.jpg

Okay, so here is the drawing. I think it is pretty good, I like the shading and colors. I also like the pose, it was something new but I think it is yet again good. I also did shading, which is something I never do, and for a somewhat first I think it is pretty good shading! I am very pleased with this drawing, and Emily really, really, REALLY, REALLY likes it too. 





old vs new zeno.png

Alright, so here is a side by side comparison of the two. As you can see they are quite spaced out, And after doing the math googling it I did the old one about 7 months before the new one! It's been a while alright. BUT before I really compare though, please keep in mind the old one was a full body Zeno, so that's why it's cut off. Okay anyways, comparing them the new one is definitely better. I mean the old one is not bad, but he looks like he came out of a children's cartoon compared to the new one. I also have two different medias going on here, with the old one being colored pencil and the new one with markers. Now proportion wise, the new one is way better. I wanted to make the old one look muscly like the new one, but was two scared he would look more wide than muscly. I also have no shading on the old one, unlike the new one which has a bit of somewhat basic shading. They also have two different styles. For the old one, I tried to go for a anime style and kind of failed, and the new one I tried going for a anime style and did better. I also did not bother to put that shield thing on the old Zeno's arm too because I was scared it would look like poop (looking back, was scared to draw a lot of things!). All in all, the new Zeno is basically like the grown-up, glown-up looking one while the old Zeno looks to him in inspiration and awe (I think I lost braincells writing that sentence). And the lesson of this? Well I could say "Practice makes perfect" or "Keep trying and you'll make it", But instead I'll use the opportunity to say you must draw millions of Zeno's to be great at art (jk! that's horrible advice!)


If you want to see the sketch click "THE LINK"