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Fuck spam..
« on: September 29, 2014, 02:59:31 pm »
Yep.. regarding website and forum spam... fuck it and the spammers.. fuck it all in the left eye socket...

Normally I'd say I've outgrown such liberal use of vulgarity, but within hours of opening this new site I had a dozen bogus accounts signed up and an assload of spam comments on my first blog post.  I don't advertise this site anywhere and it's hardly popular..  It's just maddening how bad spam can get.

Luckily, with SMF I found out it was easy enough to deal with.  If you run a site and you're getting post spam, the following worked for me - and it should work for you regardless of what forum or CMS you're using.  You just may need to find mods/plugins to add the features you're missing.

  • For the love of everything holy - don't allow anonymous posting
  • Enable email validation for accounts.
  • Use a medium strength image captcha for registration and posting (too high and real humans can't even read that crap)
  • Add an anti-bot Q&A captcha with your own custom questions (IE: The third word in this phrase is..)
  • Install and fully configure a plugin known as "Bad behavior".  It includes blacklisting of known spambot IP ranges.

That's about all I had to do.  Someday spammers may get around this and I'll have to change it again, but it's working for now.
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