Author Topic: A trip back to the 90s  (Read 1609 times)


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A trip back to the 90s
« on: May 19, 2015, 03:18:34 am »
So recently I've become a bit obsessed with old tabletop board games but don't have the room in my home or the budget to collect the mountain of nostalgia I so desire.

That being said, I've stumbled across the wonderful tabletop simulator.  I immediately got a 4 pack so I can send extra copies to people I know who would most enjoy that stuff with me.  I've found a ton of games I used to play and every day people are adding more.

Unfortunately, one game that keeps escaping me is "The Omega Virus".  Tabletop Simulator doesn't do anything complex like the central computer portion of Omega Virus so it's pretty much a dead end.. or is it?

It turns out I know quite a bit about programming.  I've decided to make an emulator for this old classic.  It'll handle the dirty work so Tabletop Simulator can do what it's best at and well...  simulate the game board on a tabletop.

Thinking back to why I'm doing this, my bro and I played it so much back in the 90s, we were going through batteries like crazy until one day I thought I was pretty bright and found a power transformer that matched the battery voltage.  We were real happy when my modded game came to life using power from the wall!  Unfortunately it was short lived as my lack of understanding of amps led to the transformer cooking our game within minutes and rendering it dead.. never to work again.

Thanks to the ingenious tabletop simulator, I've been inspired to do a proper emulator and re-live those nostalgic memories.  As of right now I'm finding myself playing with what I've done so far rather then finishing what's left, so my work has slowed down a bit.  My project work will be posted here: