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Windows 10 - Some modest thoughts.
« on: July 30, 2015, 12:35:54 pm »
As an IT guy, I've learned the hard way not to jump into Day 1 upgrades.  For some reason though, I had so much giddy anticipation for Windows 10, I couldn't help myself and the first machine in my home that I upgraded was none other then my main daily use computer.  There wasn't much to the marketing and I didn't particularly hate Windows 8 like the rest of the world.  It's hard to explain.

So I got the upgrade on Day 1.  Do I feel stupid?  Yes.  Do I feel let down?  No.

To clarify on these polarizing points:  Windows 10 is actually very nice.  Ultimately, I feel like Windows 8 might as well have never existed.  Windows 8 was a bit faster then 7 but had a god awful interface.  Windows 10 dials the worst parts of the Windows 8 interface back to make windows 7 users feel comfortable again.  It also improves further on the performance of Windows 8.  It felt like Windows 10 was meant to be the real successor of windows 7.  If windows 8 came out after 10, I'm not saying it would have been accepted any better then it was initially, but it would have made more sense as an evolutionary step following 10's hybrid interface.

My experience with Windows 10 has been great.  I have a pretty mean system so the upgrade only took me about 20 minutes.  Aside from a minor sound issue which required some tweaked settings it was smooth sailing.  All of my hardware continued to work and all of my software (even my virus protection) kept going strong.  The return to a traditional desktop was a welcome change, load times seem to have further improved, the virtual desktops are a great addition and even Cortana is halfway decent.  Windows 10 even allows you to still do just about anything the Windows 7 way without having to hack at it.  It's still got the original Internet explorer so you're not forced into Edge for example.. or a more notable example is that you can still get the Windows 7 style control panel without so much as a complaint from the operating system.  It's both new and faithful at the same time.  It's as if balance has once again been restored.

So..  Why did I say I feel stupid?  I feel stupid because I'm conflicted.  This upgrade goes against why IT pros like myself say to "NEVER GET A DAY 1 UPGRADE!"  I feel smugly justified in breaking the rule after seeing how well the upgrade went but still want to kick myself every time I'm tempted to forget the fact that this was the exception.. not the rule.  Until the next big thing comes along, every time I have to repeat the rule to somebody on how to never get a day 1 upgrade of anything, I'll have the nagging voice in the back of my head saying "But Ed, remember that time you got Windows 10 on day 1?"

Final thoughts:  I like Windows 10.. enough to actually write about it.  But don't be like me and rush into getting it.  You have a whole year to get it for free if you already have a legit copy of Win7 or Win8.  Wait until some patches are out at least.  All hardware is different and nobody's guaranteed to have as smooth of a transitional experience as I did.  If however you're past the transitional concerns, I'd say Win10 is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.