Author Topic: Domain renewal snafu  (Read 4953 times)


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Domain renewal snafu
« on: May 17, 2016, 12:33:08 pm »
Just a tiny bit pissed off right now, but it'll pass.

Even though I paid to renew this domain, something hung up with the registrar and it never re-activated.  From the outside world, I've been down for the last couple days.

I run mostly free services from this domain and don't even advertise.  Game servers and a few websites mainly.  These days what mostly drives what I host is my kids.  I mainly host games they play and maybe a couple extras between a few close friends.  I thought job pressure is bad, but that's nothing compared to my kids coming to me when they can't get into the Minecraft server I run because the domain name's no longer registered.

At least it's fixed and I don't have to try figure out how to explain how the DNS system works to a 4 year old anymore.