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* Where am I? - Returning to it's roots

I've had this domain for years. It's suited different purposes for me at different times but since the introduction of a wife and kids in my life it's kinda grown stale.

So recently I've decided I'm going to try to return this site closer to it's roots. While I doubt the quake 3 clan this site was founded around will ever re-unite, I'm bringing this site back to as close to those roots as I can. I'm a fan of gaming and that's what I'll be making clear here.

xxGangBuddy - An app to help connect to "Gang Beasts" online games

January 10, 2017, 05:25:28 pm by Ed | Views: 6016 | Comments: 0

If you've ever played Gang Beasts recently you've probably tried online multiplayer.  It's great fun until you want to find a server to join with friends.  That's when it all falls apart.

Just recently in the 0.5.x unstable branch of the game they added private server support.  So the solution for games online with friends is almost there but not quite.  There's a very bare bones interface in the game for directly connecting to somebody's private server.  It's clunky and still slows things down when people just want to get going.  To address this I've set out to supplement this feature with GangBuddy.

Read about the little app here:

exclamationDomain renewal snafu

May 17, 2016, 12:33:08 pm by Ed | Views: 4655 | Comments: 0

Just a tiny bit pissed off right now, but it'll pass.

Even though I paid to renew this domain, something hung up with the registrar and it never re-activated.  From the outside world, I've been down for the last couple days.

I run mostly free services from this domain and don't even advertise.  Game servers and a few websites mainly.  These days what mostly drives what I host is my kids.  I mainly host games they play and maybe a couple extras between a few close friends.  I thought job pressure is bad, but that's nothing compared to my kids coming to me when they can't get into the Minecraft server I run because the domain name's no longer registered.

At least it's fixed and I don't have to try figure out how to explain how the DNS system works to a 4 year old anymore.

xxWindows 10 - Some modest thoughts.

July 30, 2015, 12:35:54 pm by Ed | Views: 4426 | Comments: 0

As an IT guy, I've learned the hard way not to jump into Day 1 upgrades.  For some reason though, I had so much giddy anticipation for Windows 10, I couldn't help myself and the first machine in my home that I upgraded was none other then my main daily use computer.  There wasn't much to the marketing and I didn't particularly hate Windows 8 like the rest of the world.  It's hard to explain.

So I got the upgrade on Day 1.  Do I feel stupid?  Yes.  Do I feel let down?  No.

To clarify on these polarizing points:  Windows 10 is actually very nice.  Ultimately, I feel like Windows 8 might as well have never existed.  Windows 8 was a bit faster then 7 but had a god awful interface.  Windows 10 dials the worst parts of the Windows 8 interface back to make windows 7 users feel comfortable again.  It also improves further on the performance of Windows 8.  It felt like Windows 10 was meant to be the real successor of windows 7.  If windows 8 came out after 10, I'm not sayi...

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