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Well... it's still a website.


This is my old, faithful, and never forgotten website for over 20 years.  First I ever made and still going.  Was once a quake clan, then a place where I got emo and posted angry ramblings, then I tried making some community stuff before Facebook came in and took that scene over.  Now we're here.  Enjoy.

3-27-2021 - Lisa takes over.

Posted by: Ed

So my oldest daughter (Lisa/12) asked for a place to put her art and stuff.  Now she has it.  It's not really a takeover, but she's posting a hell of a lot more then I normally do.  So it might as well be.

You can see her stuff here.

3-26-2021 - Goodbye forums!

Posted by: Ed

You've reached  My personal website that started from a quake clan, evolved into some forums and is now neither.  It's now a wiki where I dump my projects and other crap.  

That's it for now.  Not much else to say.