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GangBuddy - Gang Beasts direct connect helper app
« on: January 10, 2017, 05:04:55 pm »
I threw this together in a couple hours last night.  This is used and tested with GB unstable 0.5.x.  It requires Microsoft .NET framework v4.5

Wish you could save favorite servers somewhere? 
Wish you could use friendly host names instead of IP addresses? 
Wish you didn't have to fumble with that awful direct connect interface within Gang Beasts?

This is the app for you!

Download here:

To use:

Unzip it somewhere and you'll find a single EXE.  Run that EXE.  It should look something like this:

Don't worry if the server list is empty at this point.  That's for you to manage.

To add a server, type it's address and click "Add".  If the server doesn't run on port 6000, you need to add a ":" followed by the port number to the address.

If you add a space after the address, you can type whatever descriptive nonsense about the server if you'd like.  For example:  " This is my gang beast server" is a valid entry.

To connect to the servers on the list:

Simply select the server from the list and watch the status.  When the status bar at the bottom of the screen says "Ready" it's ready to go!

Finally, start Gang Beasts (if it's not already started) and begin an online game.  In the online game screen, use the "Direct Connect" option.  Then, simply connect.  Leave the address and port alone.  GangBuddy will intercept the server connection and send it off to whatever server it's pointing to for you.

Other info:

Don't close GangBuddy while playing.  It will disconnect you.
Don't change servers in GangBuddy while connected to a game.  It will disconnect you.
Check the spelling of the address you're connecting to.  Unresolvable addresses will crash GangBuddy.
Want to connect to a different server on your list?  No need to restart Gang Beasts.  Simply alt-tab out to GangBuddy, switch servers, then re-visit the "Direct Connect" option in Gang Beasts.
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